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Orphanos – Daughters of the King


What We Do:

Create a home for young girls, fostering the cultivation of a robust and mature spiritual life among the residents. Empower them to realize their fullest potential in talents and abilities, breaking free from the cycle of poverty, and fulfilling the divine calling from God for their lives.

The Problem:

Bolivia stands as one of South America’s most impoverished nations, with approximately 60% of its population struggling with poverty. This dire economic situation significantly contributes to a high number of children residing in institutional settings. Cochabamba, the third-largest department in Bolivia, hosts around 90 institutions accommodating just over 4,000 children. Unfortunately, government-run facilities have experienced alarming overcrowding in recent years. While there are several Christian-operated homes in Cochabamba, the surge in inflation has compelled many to be unable to accept new children into their orphanages. The critical need for nurturing, God-centered homes for these vulnerable and abandoned children is more pressing than ever.

Our Fix:

Daughters of the King Orphanage offers a nurturing family atmosphere, ensuring that girls can flourish with the knowledge that they are cherished and embraced by God. It serves as a refuge where they find emotional healing, have their fundamental needs addressed, cultivate strong values, access quality education, and hone their talents and abilities.