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In this message on The Word, we delve into the foundational verses of Genesis 1:1-4, laying the groundwork for our journey into the Word of God. The message unfolds with reflections on the significance of the initial five words of Genesis, affirming the trustworthiness of God’s Word amidst challenges like evolutionary theories. We navigate through the state of the Earth before creation, highlighting the Spirit of God’s active role in shaping and brooding over the formless void. The divine command, “Let there be light,” resonates through the narrative, showcasing the creative power of God’s spoken word and the continuous involvement of the Holy Spirit.


Transitioning to the New Testament, our focus shifts to Jesus’ teachings about the Holy Spirit’s role in convicting, guiding, and transforming lives. The perpetual work of the Spirit in creation and recreation is illuminated, emphasizing the ongoing process of becoming new creations in Christ.


Incorporating 2 Corinthians 4:6, the sermon draws parallels between the divine act of creation and the spiritual reality of God shining His light in our hearts. The conclusion reinforces the foundational role of the Word of God, urging a slower, reflective approach to scripture for a deeper understanding of God’s glory in Jesus Christ. The reminder that Jesus shows up in the mundane aspects of our lives resonates, prompting a call to attentiveness to His voice in all circumstances.