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Acts 16:11-18 - Witchcraft is Rebellion

Pastor Wes Denham

Pastor Wes delivers a compelling sermon titled “Witchcraft is Rebellion,” drawing from Acts 16:11-40. The message is a profound exploration of spiritual warfare, contrasting the kingdom of God with the kingdom of this world, and emphasizing the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit in believers’ lives.

The sermon begins with an exposition of Acts 16, where Paul and his companions travel through Macedonia, leading to the conversion of Lydia and her household in Philippi. Pastor Wes uses this narrative to illustrate divine appointments and the movement of the Holy Spirit in directing the spread of the Gospel. He emphasizes the importance of being open to God’s guidance and the opportunities He presents for witnessing to others.

As the sermon progresses, Pastor Wes delves into the encounter with a slave girl possessed by a spirit of divination. He discusses the themes of spiritual bondage and liberation through Christ, pointing out how Paul’s command in Jesus’ name freed the girl from demonic possession. This act of deliverance serves as a powerful testament to the authority believers have in Christ over demonic forces and the transformative power of the Gospel.

Pastor Wes warns against the subtleties of modern-day witchcraft and rebellion against God, equating them with the pursuit of power, control, and divination outside of God’s will. He cautions the congregation about the dangers of such practices, highlighting the importance of discernment and steadfastness in faith.

Throughout the sermon, Pastor Wes underscores the contrast between fear and faith, encouraging believers to rely on the Spirit God has given them—one of power, love, and sound mind. He calls the church to stand firm in their identity in Christ, equipped with the full armor of God to resist the enemy’s schemes.

In conclusion, Pastor Wes’s message is a call to vigilance and faithfulness in the spiritual battle, urging believers to trust in God’s power and sovereignty. He reminds the congregation that victory is found in Jesus Christ, who has overcome the world and empowers His followers to walk in freedom and truth.

This sermon serves as a powerful reminder of the spiritual realities we face and the victory we have in Christ. It encourages believers to live out their faith boldly, armed with the Word of God and led by the Holy Spirit, to impact the world for God’s kingdom.

In his sermon “Witchcraft is Rebellion,” based on Acts 16:11-40, Pastor Wes explores spiritual warfare and the authority believers have in Christ. He recounts Paul’s journey in Macedonia, emphasizing divine guidance and the Holy Spirit’s role in spreading the Gospel. The sermon highlights a significant moment where Paul commands a spirit of divination to leave a slave girl in Jesus’ name, showcasing the power of deliverance through faith.

Pastor Wes warns against modern forms of witchcraft and rebellion, emphasizing that seeking power outside of God’s will is dangerous. He encourages the congregation to rely on the Holy Spirit, who provides power, love, and a sound mind, over fear. The message concludes with a call to vigilance and faithfulness, reminding believers of their victory in Christ and the importance of living out their faith with boldness.