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Luke 19:28-44 - Our Jerusalems

Pastor Wes Denham

In “Our Jerusalems,” Pastor Wes takes us through a profound exploration of the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 19, detailing the significant events and teachings of Jesus in the week leading up to His crucifixion. This sermon sheds light on the deep symbolism and fulfillment of prophecy inherent in Jesus’s actions and words during this crucial period in biblical history.

The narrative commences with Jesus’s deliberate approach to Jerusalem, where He instructs two disciples to bring Him a colt. This act of riding into the city on a colt, rather than a horse, symbolizes His kingdom’s humble and peaceful nature, fulfilling ancient prophecies and underscoring His mission to establish a reign based on humility, service, and love.

Pastor Wes draws attention to the valuable lessons Jesus imparts throughout His journey—emphasizing servitude, acknowledging the presence of spiritual warfare, and the critical importance of aligning our wills with that of God. The sermon delves deeply into Jesus’s act of cleansing the temple, which Pastor Wes interprets as a demonstration of Jesus’s authority and a call for purity and sincerity in our worship practices. This moment prompts believers to introspect and consider what aspects of their lives require cleansing to foster a genuine relationship with God.

A key theme of the sermon is the concept of “visitation,” highlighting Jesus’s sorrow over Jerusalem’s failure to recognize their moment of divine visitation. This serves as a poignant lesson for the audience, urging them not to overlook their opportunities for encountering God and embracing the peace and reconciliation He extends.

Concluding with a powerful call to reflection, “Our Jerusalems” challenges believers to examine their paths, embrace humility, serve diligently, and remain vigilant to the ways God moves in their lives. Pastor Wes encourages an active response to God’s grace, emphasizing the necessity of openness and obedience to fully receive the salvation and transformation God offers.

This sermon stands as a compelling invitation to live in accordance with the lessons of Jesus’s final week, applying His teachings of love, service, and humility in our everyday lives.

In “Our Jerusalems,” Pastor Wes explores pivotal moments from Jesus’s final week before the crucifixion, as narrated in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 19. Highlighting Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem on a colt, Pastor Wes reflects on the humility and peace this act symbolizes, fulfilling ancient prophecies and emphasizing Jesus’s mission of servitude and love.

The sermon touches on essential teachings of Jesus, including the significance of aligning one’s will with God’s, the cleansing of the temple as a call for sincerity in worship, and the importance of recognizing divine visitations in our lives. Pastor Wes interprets these events as lessons in humility, spiritual awareness, and the pursuit of a genuine relationship with God.

Concluding with a call to introspection and action, Pastor Wes urges believers to embrace the humility, service, and alertness to God’s presence that Jesus exemplified. “Our Jerusalems” serves as a reminder to live out the teachings of Jesus’s last week, fostering a life of service, humility, and openness to divine transformation.