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Luke 24 - Look What God Has Done

Pastor Wes Denham

In his sermon “Look What God Has Done,” Pastor Wes delves into the profound significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, emphasizing its central role in human history and individual lives. Beginning with the scriptural account of the empty tomb from Luke 24, he highlights the initial confusion and eventual realization among Jesus’ followers that He had risen, fulfilling His promise and the prophecies foretold about Him.

Pastor Wes uses this narrative to underscore the transformational power of the resurrection, not just as a historical event, but as a personal invitation to experience Jesus’s ongoing presence and work in our lives. He challenges listeners to move beyond seeing Jesus as a relic of the past and to embrace Him as the living King, actively involved in their daily affairs and guiding them towards a future filled with hope.

The sermon also addresses the societal shifts away from Christian values and the increasing reluctance to accept absolute truths. Pastor Wes encourages believers to stand firm in their faith, not in defiance but with love and conviction, offering the message of Jesus’s love and redemption as the answer to the world’s deep-seated needs.

Through personal anecdotes, theological insights, and a call to reflection and action, Pastor Wes invites everyone to reconsider the resurrection’s impact not only on global history but on their personal story and relationship with God. He emphasizes that Jesus’s victory over death offers new life, forgiveness, and a relationship with God that is accessible to all, urging his audience to respond to this incredible gift with faith and commitment.

In “Look What God Has Done,” Pastor Wes explores the resurrection’s central role in history and personal faith. He reflects on the empty tomb narrative, emphasizing the resurrection as not just a historical event, but a transformative experience inviting believers to engage with Jesus as the living King. The sermon addresses societal shifts from Christian values, urging believers to stand firm in faith with love and conviction. Through theological insights and personal anecdotes, Pastor Wes highlights the resurrection’s promise of new life, forgiveness, and a direct relationship with God, encouraging a response of faith and commitment.