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Building a Christian Home: Part 2 - Marriage

Pastor Josh Denham

In his sermon “Building a Christian Home: Part 2 – Marriage,” Pastor Josh delivers an in-depth exploration of the Christian concept of marriage, emphasizing its importance as a fundamental building block in creating a God-centered home. He begins by reciting Psalm 127 and connects its message about the vanity of labor without the Lord’s blessing to the effort of building a marriage without God’s guidance. Throughout his sermon, Pastor Josh refers to key biblical passages, notably Ephesians 5, to frame marriage not only as a sacred covenant but as a reflection of the relationship between Christ and the Church. He underscores that marriage, as instituted by God, is designed to mirror the sacrificial love, unity, and commitment that Christ demonstrates towards His followers.

Delving deeper into the principles of love and submission, Pastor Josh addresses the often-misunderstood concept of submission within marriage. He clarifies that submission does not imply inferiority or oppression but represents a mutual respect and support that aligns with Christ’s teachings. He passionately argues that just as Christ loved the Church unconditionally, husbands are called to love their wives selflessly. This love is not passive but active and sacrificial, intending to uplift and honor one’s spouse. Similarly, wives are encouraged to respect and support their husbands, fostering a partnership that thrives on mutual affection and respect. Pastor Josh stresses that these roles are not about asserting dominance or submitting out of obligation, but about embodying Christ’s love and leadership within the marital relationship.

Furthermore, Pastor Josh highlights the impact of a Christ-centered marriage on the broader community and especially on children within the family. He discusses how marriages that exemplify Godly principles provide a living example of the Gospel to children, teaching them about God’s love through the daily interactions and love they observe at home. This foundation, he posits, prepares children to understand and embrace Christian teachings more fully as they grow. Pastor Josh concludes by reminding the congregation that while Christian marriages aim for a high standard, the journey is fraught with challenges that require God’s grace and mercy. He calls on couples to continually seek God’s guidance and to support one another, thereby ensuring that their marriage remains a strong testament to their faith and a beacon of God’s love within the community.

In “Building a Christian Home: Part 2 – Marriage,” Pastor Josh explores the foundational role of marriage in creating a Christian home. He emphasizes the importance of building upon the principles of marriage as outlined in the scriptures, particularly focusing on the themes of love, submission, and mutual respect as modeled by Christ and His relationship with the Church. Pastor Josh highlights the sacred covenant of marriage, stressing that a successful Christian marriage requires both partners to actively work towards embodying the virtues of patience, humility, and godly leadership. He urges the congregation to reject worldly views on marriage and instead, anchor their relationships in the teachings of the Bible. Through this sermon, he encourages couples to view their marriage as a direct reflection of God’s love and purpose, aiming to nurture a home that glorifies God and fosters a deeper understanding of His divine plan for families.