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Building a Christian Home: Part 3 - Children

Pastor Josh Denham

The video titled “Building A Christian Home: Part 3- Children” features Pastor Josh delivering a Sunday morning sermon focused on the spiritual upbringing of children within a Christian home. In this insightful and heartfelt sermon, Pastor Josh emphasizes the importance of viewing children not just as a responsibility, but as a blessing from God. He explores the scriptural foundations laid out in Psalms and Ephesians, offering practical advice and biblical wisdom on nurturing children’s eternal souls. The pastor stresses the significance of instilling godly values and teachings from a young age, enabling children to grow in faith and character in accordance with Christian principles.

Throughout the sermon, Pastor Josh provides real-life examples and anecdotes that resonate deeply with parents and guardians. He discusses the challenges and rewards of parenting, addressing common issues and concerns faced in modern Christian families. By referencing various biblical passages, Pastor Josh illustrates how the scripture guides and supports parents in their crucial role. He also highlights the community’s role in supporting families, suggesting that the church should act as an extended family offering help and encouragement. This sermon is not only a guide for parents seeking to raise their children under Christian teachings but also a call to the wider community to uphold and cherish the values that contribute to building strong, faith-oriented homes.

The video “Building A Christian Home: Part 3- Children” features Pastor Josh’s Sunday morning sermon, focusing on raising children within a Christian home. He emphasizes the importance of seeing children as blessings and instills biblical wisdom on how to nurture their spiritual growth, using scriptures from Psalms and Ephesians. Pastor Josh offers practical advice, real-life examples, and underscores the role of the community in supporting Christian families in their parenting journey. This sermon serves as a valuable guide for parents and the church community, advocating for strong, faith-based family values.