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The Book of John Chapter 1 | Part 1

Pastor Josh Denham

Pastor Josh’s sermon from the Wednesday Night Bible Study, focusing on the Book of John, offers a deep dive into the meanings and implications of the scripture, particularly the profound opening verses of John 1. He begins by discussing the significance of the Word being with God and being God, emphasizing the creation of all things through the Word. This introduction sets the foundation for understanding the divinity and the eternal existence of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Josh elaborates on the concept of the Word, or Logos, explaining that it represents more than just speech—it signifies the ultimate expression of God’s essence and truth. He draws connections between the Book of John and the Book of Genesis, highlighting the parallels in their introductions to underscore the eternal presence of the Word. Through this comparison, he addresses the theological depth found in John’s portrayal of Jesus as both a reflection of God and a pivotal figure in creation.

The sermon also discusses the practical and spiritual implications of the Word becoming flesh. Pastor Josh describes this event as God making His truth and life accessible to humanity, bringing light into darkness. This light, he explains, is not just literal illumination but a spiritual revelation that gives life and understanding to mankind, as expressed in John 1:4-5 where it states that “in Him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Throughout the discussion, Pastor Josh incorporates several scriptural references to reinforce his points, including Genesis 1, where the creation story parallels the themes in John about life and light. He uses these scriptures to explain how Jesus, as the Word, embodies the ultimate purpose and order of the universe, contrary to the randomness and chaos suggested by secular theories.

In conclusion, Pastor Josh emphasizes the transformative power of understanding and accepting the Word. He invites his audience to reflect on the profound spiritual truth that Jesus, as the Logos, is central not just to Christian theology but to the very purpose and essence of life itself. This message is intended to inspire further contemplation and study of the Book of John, encouraging believers to deepen their relationship with God through a clearer understanding of His word made flesh.

Pastor Josh’s sermon on the Book of John focuses on the profound messages in the opening verses, emphasizing the divinity and eternal nature of Jesus as the Word. He explains that the Word, or Logos, is not just speech but represents God’s ultimate expression and truth. By comparing the introduction of John to Genesis, Pastor Josh highlights the eternal presence and creative power of Jesus.

He discusses the significance of the Word becoming flesh, bringing life and light into the world, a theme encapsulated in John 1:4-5. This spiritual light, he points out, is a revelation that gives understanding and life to humanity, overcoming darkness.

Pastor Josh uses scriptural references like Genesis 1 to show how Jesus, as the Word, embodies the universe’s purpose, countering secular views of randomness. He concludes by emphasizing the transformative power of embracing Jesus as the Logos, encouraging a deeper relationship with God through understanding His word made flesh. This concise summary is designed to offer mobile users quick insight into the depth of Pastor Josh’s study on John, inspiring further exploration of its themes.