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The Book of John Chapter 1 | Part 2

Pastor Josh Denham

Pastor Josh’s study on the Book of John, Part 2, offers a deep dive into the theological themes of faithfulness, prayer, and God’s grace. Throughout the session, Pastor Josh discusses the significance of acknowledging our limitations and depending on God’s help, citing that “God helps those who acknowledge they can’t help themselves.”

A substantial portion of the sermon is dedicated to discussing the profound nature of John’s gospel. Pastor Josh explains how the gospel of John presents Jesus not just as a historical figure but as the eternal Word (Logos), highlighting the unique nature of John’s narrative compared to other gospels. He reflects on how John emphasizes the pre-existence and divine authority of Jesus, positioning Him as central to the creation and the embodiment of life and light that overcomes darkness.

Scriptural references are woven throughout his message. Pastor Josh cites John 1:1-18 extensively to discuss the incarnation of Jesus, the concept of witnessing, and receiving grace. He also draws on Romans 8:28 to underscore the belief that God orchestrates all events in life for a purpose. Additionally, he references Jeremiah 1 to illustrate God’s sovereign planning and call in our lives, implying that our existence and purpose are orchestrated by God, not by human intent or accident.

The sermon concludes with a reflection on the human condition and the need for a savior, leading to a discussion on the grace available through Jesus Christ. This grace, Pastor Josh notes, is not earned but is a gift that transforms believers into children of God, a theme supported by John 1:12-13.

Overall, Pastor Josh’s message is an encouraging and theological exploration of faith, grace, and commitment to Christ, meant to fortify the belief in and reliance on God’s eternal plan and grace for salvation.

Pastor Josh’s study on John, Part 2, emphasizes faith, prayer, and God’s grace. He starts by highlighting community prayer requests and the importance of supporting one another spiritually. The sermon dives into John’s gospel, focusing on Jesus as the eternal Word and how John’s narrative differs by portraying Jesus as both pre-existent and central to creation.

Drawing from John 1:1-18, Pastor Josh explains Jesus’ incarnation and the grace that makes believers children of God. He also references Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 1 to emphasize God’s purpose and plan in our lives. The message concludes by emphasizing that salvation through Jesus is a gift, not earned but freely given to those who believe. Pastor Josh encourages reliance on God’s plan and grace to deepen faith and strengthen the community.