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The Wonder of Worship

Ron Corica

In this sermon, Ron explores the profound nature of worship, asserting that genuine worship must be centered on God alone, independent of life’s circumstances. He begins by emphasizing that church attendance or biblical knowledge alone do not constitute true worship. Drawing from Revelation 5 and various scriptures, he portrays worship as an engagement with God that transcends personal situations. Ron discusses the importance of recognizing God’s majesty and worthiness, encouraging the congregation to actively participate in worship by focusing on God’s presence and glory. Through scriptural examples, he highlights that worship is about recognizing and responding to God’s attributes, rather than focusing on oneself. The sermon concludes with a call for believers to deepen their worship by truly acknowledging and revering God in their lives.

Ron emphasizes the essence of worship, highlighting that true worship focuses solely on God, regardless of circumstances. He draws from Revelation 5 and other scriptures to illustrate worship’s significance and God’s worthiness. Ron challenges the congregation to engage in genuine worship that goes beyond mere attendance and knowledge, aiming to encounter God’s presence deeply.