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Acts 18 Part 1 - Is Hell Real, And Who Chooses To Go There?

Pastor Wes Denham

In this sermon, Pastor Wes addresses the sobering topic of hell, emphasizing its reality and the eternal consequences of rejecting Jesus Christ. He begins by reading Acts 18, drawing parallels between Paul’s missionary journey and the believer’s call to evangelize. Pastor Wes uses vivid analogies, such as rescuing people from a burning house, to illustrate the urgency of sharing the gospel. He discusses the biblical description of hell as a place of eternal torment, created for the devil and his demons. Pastor Wes highlights the importance of understanding that people choose their eternal destiny by accepting or rejecting Christ. He stresses the role of believers in sharing the truth about salvation and the need for repentance. Concluding with a call to action, Pastor Wes urges the congregation to live with the reality of eternal judgment in mind, passionately spreading the message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Pastor Wes explores the reality of hell, emphasizing the eternal consequences of rejecting Christ. Using Acts 18 and various scriptures, he underscores the urgency of sharing the gospel. Pastor Wes challenges believers to live with the awareness of eternal judgment and to passionately evangelize, urging them to rescue those “trapped in a burning house.”